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Nightlight also provides reunions for families to get together throughout the year for picnics and trips to amusement parks. These reunions allow the children to see old friends or make new friends who were adopted just the way they were.

Every year, Nightlight brings children over to Southern California from orphanages in Eastern Europe. These tours are to raise awareness of these precious children and the wonderful addition they or the many others back home could make to an American family.

Nightlight Foundation is the humanitarian and outreach division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Nightlight sponsors several programs in Eastern Europe and Asia to help the children who are left behind. Educational programs are funded, cultural events are sponsored, and material aid is sent to the orphanages.

When families return with their children, there is a time of adjustment. Most of the issues that arise are normal problems that all children face; others are more complex. Nightlight provides professional support to our client families to ease them through the transition.


Our first Event to raise awareness of embryo adoption was held in Richmond, Virginia. About 60 people enjoyed an evening of great music, a nice dinner, and moving speakers. The Vest family shared their journey through embryo adoption. Their two beautiful children entertained the audience with their playfulness and brought tears to many eyes as they climbed into their parents’ arms giving kisses and hugs as they spoke. Dr. John Pierce, an OBGYN doctor at the Medical College of Virginia, shared his perspective from the medical field and Victoria Charbonneau shared about the joys of adoption. Many people asked questions at the end and the agency has received several calls for more information since the dinner.

The Texas Event Weekend followed and was a great success. On Thursday, August 3rd, Hope Cottage in Dallas held an informational seminar on embryo adoption. The seminar was very successful, with attendees from a variety of racial backgrounds. Both genetic and prospective adopting parents came to learn about the option. There were also members of the press covering the seminar. On the following Saturday, a reunion was held at the Ranch of Lonesome Dove. This was attended by both Snowflakes and international clients, as well as the Star Community Newspaper and the local CBS Station.


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